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I hope you get to read this. Maybe you can help me to locate your cousin? Billy Andes. I went to school with him in Brookline, Havertown, PA. We left the school at the end of 8th grade in 1952. Don’t know where he went to high school because I never saw him again. However, he always told us he was the cousin of Keith Andes (hoping this is true). Billy had a cousin in our class….Ann Shaffer….her mother was a Troncilliti from the area. I’m not sure Ann had the same connections as Billy….don’t know how they were related. Ann and I went to high school together until she got pregnant and had to leave. How I’d love to find her. Just wish you are her cousin, too and no her whereabouts. Thanks so much. All the best. Fran Devine Heidel in Norristown, Montgomery County, PA

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Thanks so much! I hope you like “Real World Magic”! I’d love to see those pics, you can send them to my address below if you’d like, that would be great!

PO Box 1327
Magnolia, TX 77353

By: Tina http://www.markandesmusic.com/Mark-Andes/news/the-bob-and-tom-show/comment-page-1/#comment-13 Tina Fri, 27 Mar 2009 18:11:21 +0000 http://www.markandesmusic.com/Mark-Andes/?p=342#comment-13 Hi Mark!
This is Tina. I use to work for Heartsfield long ago. I also dated Robbie Gregory for a few years and recommended him to Robert Firks when Firefall was looking for a roadie. Hope all is well. Congratulations on your new solo album! I’m excited to hear it! I’ve been lead singer in various groups all around southern cal since 1980; still going at it. I have some terrific pictures of you with Stevie Nicks at the Firefall performance at the Roxy in 1978 or 79. I was the only one in the house with a camera that night. Let me know how to get you copies. Take care!